Single Mortise Lock

Mortise Lock and Handle Set

A standard feature on all non-impact sliding glass doors, our low-profile, mortise lock and handle set makes our doors easy to use.  These locks have a sleek, easy-to-grasp design and a self-canceling lock feature that protects the lock and jamb if the door is closed with the lock in the locked position.  Made of a sturdy zinc-zimac #3 alloy it is offered in a white or black polyester ESP finish.

Stainless Steel Track Cover

Stainless Steel Track Covers

Corrosion resistant, stainless steel track cover helps prevent track wear when heavy door panels are required. The steel wheels and stainless steel track cover work together to make opening and closing heavy door panels smooth and easy. Stainless steel track s come standard on Series 9000 Impact doors and are optional on all other NuAir sliding glass doors.

Heavy Duty Rollers

Heavy-Duty Rollers

End-adjusting single and tandem patio door rollers feature cold rolled steel housing and concave steel wheels with radial ball bearings permanently lubricated and shielded to resist contamination by dust and moisture. These rollers are available single or double in zinc plated steel or stainless steel depending on the door configuration.*

Double Mortise Lock

Double Security on Impact Resistant Doors

A high-end double mortise lock comes standard on all 9000 series impact rated doors. The Gemini II Dual Point Lock features hooks in opposing directions preventing forced entry from the bottom of the door. This stainless steel lock is pull rated up to 2,000 lbs. and has an anti-slam feature protecting the lock and jamb if the door is closed with the lock in the locked position.

Sloped Sill Track

Sloped Sill Track Assiste in Weather Tightness

A sturdy, exterior sill track is made of .062 inch, extruded aluminum and designed with a 1-1/2” vertical riser standard. Other snap-on sill options come with vertical risers up to 4” for maximum weather protection and conditions requiring higher positive design pressures. The sill tracks are notched back 3/4” on each end allowing for water drainage.

Ultra Pile Weather Stripping

Continuous Weather-Stripping For a Tight Seal

Each sliding glass door unit is fitted on the top rail, bottom rail, jambs and interlocks with Ultra Pile® or Ultra Fin® weather-stripping. This high-grade weather seal material has a structural integrity and consistency that assures a tight seal against air and water infiltration. Self-supporting pile, with built in 'pile directors', improves resiliency and reduces compression set.