Horizontal Roller Windows

Glass & Grid Options


Glass & Grid Options

NuAir window and door products are available with a wide variety of glass and glazing options.  Glass options include clear, tinted, obscure, reflective and Low-E varieties. Glazing options include annealed, tempered, heat-strengthened, insulated and laminated.

Glass can be processed several ways providing many glazing options. Most of NuAir's products are available in many, if not all, of the glazing options below:


Glass Options:


Clear Float Glass

A transparent float glass that has surfaces of subtle brilliance and reflectivity.


Clear Obscure

A clear version of glass having a pattern impressed on one side that is used extensively for bath enclosures.


Gray Tint

A medium gray color designed to reduce solar heat gain and glare.


Greylite® Glass

A high-performance glass with a distinctive dark gray (almost black) color making it excellent for glare control and privacy glazing.


Bronze Tint

A smoky, subtle medium brown color designed to reduce solar heat gain and glare.


Bronze Obscure

A bronze color version of clear obscure.


Bronze Reflective

A reflective glass with a silver-bronze aesthetic that reflects both light and heat, while minimizing solar heat gain and UV transmittance.


EverGreen™ Glass

A high-performance glass with an emerald green color that provides a high daylight and low UV transmittance.


Azurlite® Glass

A high-performance glass with an aquamarine color providing a low shading coefficient and high visibility light transmittance.


Solexia® Tinted Glass

A light green tinted color provides superior performance in reducing solar heat gain.


Solar E™ Low-E Glass

A high-performance energy efficient glass made with a metallic oxide coating that blocks heat flow. It allows most natural light to enter while reflecting back a significant portion of the short-wave heat energy. Therefore, during the summer, the heat from room temperature objects and sun-warmed glass, is reflected back outside. During cooler months of winter, the heat is kept inside keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Grid Options:

NuAir offers an impressive line of Horizontal Roller Windows in standard sizes to choose from.


Colonial | Hyde Park | One Lite


Colonial | Hyde Park | One Lite

Horizontal Roller 3 Modular

Colonial | Hyde Park | One Lite