Single Hung Windows

900 Series


Single Hung 900 Series

The 900 Series Single Hung replaced the original Single Hung 300 Series in the early 1980's. Since then, this mainstay of NuAirs product offering is constantly undergoing engineering enhancements to retain its high certification level. Although originally designed to be used exclusively in the residential market, the 900 Series Single Hung has a commercial rating which allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications.




Single Hung (Even Split)
SH NuView (UnEven Split)
PassThru (Even Split)
PassThru NuView (UnEven Split)
SH Arch (Even Split)
SH Arch NuView (UnEven Split)

The choice between even and uneven split has to do with the placement of the horizontal meeting rail and size of the moving sash. For instance: Some designs call for more fixed glass on top, using the uneven split will accomplish this goal. Another example is if code compliance requires a larger moving sash to provide the proper egress opening, in this case, certain sized even split would be used.

Important to note: Even split is considered standard and is what will be shipped unless otherwise specified.


Single Glazed

Both are offered either Annealed or Tempered(heat strengthened). The difference being that tempered glass breaks into little "pebbles" vs. "shards" of glass and is required in many applications by Code.


Clear Clear Obscure Textured Grey Tinted Bronze Tinted Bronze Tinted Obscure Textured Clear Solex® Tinted EverGreen™ Tinted Dark Greylite Tinted® Blue Azurlite® Tinted Clear Solar-E™(low-emmissivity) Bronze Mirrored Reflective.

Glass thicknesses are chosen based on the required design pressure for each window as well as maintaining continuity of color in darker tinted glass.


1/2" Flange
used for Concrete Block Construction

Integral Nailing Fin
used for Wood Frame Construction

Most two story residential projects in Florida will use both types of frames. Flange for concrete block downstairs and Integral Fin upstairs for wood frame construction.

Frame Colors:

White Bronze Mill

The white and bronze finishes are electrostatically applied and will provide many years of maintanence free beauty.

Grid Styles:

Removable Exterior Flat Grid
Removable Exterior Raised Grid
Non-removable Exterior Raised
Grid with Interior Backer
Insulated Grid inside glass
Insulated Bevel Tape inside glass

Lite Configurations:

One Lite Colonial
Hyde Park
Vertical Lites
Horizontal Lites

All lite configurations are available over one lite sashes for traditional Arts & Crafts styling or historical Victorian styling.