Important Notice

Thank you for contacting Nu-Air Windows and Doors, Inc. (“Nu-Air Windows”) about your recent issues with product manufactured by Nu-Air Manufacturing Co., a Florida corporation (“Nu-Air Manufacturing”).
 In 2008, Nu Air Manufacturing’s lender foreclosed on certain assets of Nu-Air Manufacturing. To our knowledge, Nu-Air Manufacturing no longer exists. In 2009, this company, Nu-Air Windows & Doors, Inc., an Alabama corporation, bought those assets on which the lender had foreclosed. Nu-Air Windows & Doors, Inc. is a completely separate company from the company which sold you your product and has no affiliation with Nu-Air Manufacturing.
Accordingly, Nu-Air Windows & Doors, Inc. cannot warrant any product sold by Nu-Air Manufacturing, and it is for that reason that Nu-Air Windows is unable to address any concerns you may have with the product sold to you by Nu-Air Manufacturing.

NuAir Windows & Doors, Inc. (Alabama Corporation) has no affiliation with NuAir Windows & Doors in Canada.